The world's largest intact volcanic caldera

Ngorongoro is an extraordinary Conservation Area that features a volcanic landscape rich and fertile, the stunning Ngorongoro Crater at its centre and lakes rich in wildlife. The entire area stretches some 8,300 square kilometres through the Crater Highlands, in which local tribes are permitted to maintain their traditional lifestyles in as natural environment as possible. The actual Ngorongoro Crater is one of Africa's finest wildlife arenas and boasts a blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeology that is unsurpassed in Africa. It is certainly one of the world's greatest natural spectacles; its magical setting and abundant wildlife never fail to enthral visitors. It borders the Serengeti National Park to the north and west. A few hours’ drive to the east takes you to the town of Arusha which nestles at the foot of Mount Meru, within view of Mount Kilimanjaro. There are two choices of accommodation when considering Ngorongoro Crater. Firstly you can stay high up on the crater rim with views down into the caldera or below the crater in the Karatu area.

The crater is said to have the most dense concentration of wildlife in Africa. As such, Ngorongoro Crater has achieved world renown, and attracts a growing number of visitors each year. Even if time is limited this natural but accessibly small caldera ensures a rewarding safari.

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