A sight to behold & physical challenge!

This single free standing mountain rises an incredible 5 kilometres above the surrounding plains and reaches an altitude of 5,895 metres, the highest in Africa.  The most unique feature about Mount Kilimanjaro is that it is the highest mountain anywhere in the world that can be ascended by somebody without specialised mountaineering experience or equipment. In other words, you and I can walk up Mount Kilimanjaro with a little bit of training, support and determination. Equally unique is that Kilimanjaro boasts five diverse ecosystems including forest, moorlands, arctic, alpine and mountane zones, spectacular as you walk through.

To climb Kilimanjaro, you need to go with a group or a private registered guide and we are experienced at arranging both styles of climbing tours of Mt Kilimanjaro. Porters are there to assist you along the way, carrying luggage, setting up camp each night and cooking meals. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, this is a tough hike and potentially fatal for those who are inadequately prepared or who belittle the health risks attached to being at high altitude.  There are a number of different routes to take and it depends on your level of fitness and style of climb you're after. Our favourite is the lesser traversed and spectacular Rongai Route which is best traversed over a six or seven night trek to ensure acclimitisation and a successful summit.

The most popular path up Kilimanjaro remains the Marangu Route. It is less arduous than most of the alternatives, good facilities and considered safest due to sheer volume of climbers and good rescue facilities. An off the beaten track alternative is the Machame Route with stunning views across to Mount Meru, gradual slopes and best achieved over six nights. 

All Kilimanjaro climbs can easily be combined with a Tanzania safari, some relaxation on a beach in Zanzibar or both. The choice is yours! 

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