Not just one island, 115 islands

The diversity of the Seychelles landscape rushes up to greet you the moment your aircraft begins its descent and promises a long list of things to do. You are after all about a thousand miles from the African mainland and twice that distance to the Indian sub-continent.

Seychelles is famous for having some of the best beaches in the world, pristine and uncrowded. Some are framed by age-old granite boulders, others offer powder-soft sands, turquoise waters and sublime opportunities for swimming, snorkeling or pure relaxation.

This archipelago of 115 islands scattered across 455 square kilometres of Indian Ocean offers great opportunities for island-hopping.  There are sixteen inhabited islands with accommodation ranging from sumptuous 5-star resorts to rustic island lodges and cosy beachside bungalows. On your way, you will discover such gems as the legendary Vallée de Mai, home to the legendary Coco-de-Mer.

Mahé, measuring 28km long by 8km wide, is the largest island and cultural and economic hub and the international gateway to Seychelles. It is home to the international airport and the nation’s capital, Victoria. With a backdrop of towering 1000m granite peaks, some 70 idyllic, pristine white beaches, coral reefs and lush rainforest, Mahé is an extraordinary treasure trove to explore.

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