Contemplating a small group or set departure safari?

We  offer small group guided tours with set departure safaris - a great way to travel if you like being in a small group of like-minded people or have a specific interest such as photography or birding.  These trips are highly coordinated and always run smoothly with the services of  exceptionally knowledgeable guides and friendly staff. They often fill very quickly as we only host safaris that cater for 6 - 12 people. Our trips are in 4x4 vehicles and may combine a little flying, others are purely flying between areas though all are accompanied by a highly qualified, professional and English speaking guide. We offer several set departure trips through Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.  These trips range from photography safaris, walking and mobile camping, wildlife and cultural to just simple ways of really experiencing what a country has to offer.

Everything from affordable safaris to  luxury safari holidays.

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