Worth every bite, scratch, bruise, smear of mud

Without a doubt Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda offer dynamic wildlife spectacles, fascinating cultural insights and exhilarating adventures. 

What's the difference? 

Huge difference when it comes to the length of time you need to get between regions and the type of hike up into the mountains.

  1. Rwanda safaris are shorter in length, they can literally be 2 - 4 nights! 
  2. Uganda gorilla safaris are only possible as minimum 3 night if you do a fly in option at significant cost.  So we recommend you combine a gorilla safari in Uganda with safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  You can easily spend 2 weeks in Uganda on safari!  It's hugely rewarding.
  3. Rwanda trek up into the mountains is a little easier and often shorter than in Uganda
  4. Uganda gorilla families move greater distances, hence you often hike for longer
  5. At the moment, gorilla permits in Rwanda are US$750 whilst in Uganda, they are still at US$500
  6. In both countries, children under the age of 16 cannot trek to see the gorillas

So here are just a few of our safaris to Rwanda and Uganda with gorilla safari at the heart of each itinerary!  If you don't see anything here quite what you're looking for, please pick up the phone or email us. We have private guides and vehicles in both countries ready to take you on your gorilla safari - it's all tailored to suit your exact needs.

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