A photographer's paradise

With big game, big sky and endless horizons, Africa is ideal for photographers at all levels, from budding to professional. If you have a passion for nature photography, an African photographic safari is just the ticket.

Choose how you'd prefer to travel. Our small group set departure photographic safaris all over Africa offer beautiful locations, comfortable accommodation and photographic specific guides so they understand your needs! Some are inclusive of educational workshops so you learn how to improve your photography whilst you're in the bush.

Alternatively, we can create a private tailored itinerary just for you that will take in the best camps in picture perfect settings that offer great comfort, exceptional guides and additional features like wildlife hides. Such hides allow you to sit undetected with your camera for hours watching wildlife come to the waterhole to drink, or birds flocking to dried mudbanks along rivers to feed.

Our photographic safaris in Africa are ideal, whether it's for serious photography or simply the thrill of observing animals in their natural habitat and shooting with your camera.  

Mother nature is at her best in Africa and a photography safari is a special experience you won't forget in a hurry. Options are plentiful, from Botswana, the premier wildlife safari, Tanzania and Kenya for the wildebeest migration or the wilds experienced on a walking photographic safari in Zambia.

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