Africa is a photographer's paradise

Why? With big game, big sky and endless horizons, Africa is ideal for photographers at all levels, from budding to professional. If you have a passion for nature photography, an African photographic safari is just the ticket.

There are a number of ways you can savour an Africa photographic Safari.

  1. An Escorted Photographic Safari Tour with one of our partner photographers from Australia (see below)
  2. Small group departures with our photographic specialist guides in Africa (see below)
  3. A private photographic safari with specialist guide/photographer travelling with you in custom built 4x4
  4. A private tailormade safari itinerary taking in the best locations for photography based on your interests
 Australian Photographers

Meet our Partners in Photographic Safaris

Pete Dobre

Pete Dobre Photographic safari Africa

Pete Dobre is one of Australia's finest landscape photographers and Encompass Africa is proud to work with Pete to design the ultimate Predators of Southern Africa photographic safari. [Click to see itinerary].

Join Pete in July 2015 starting in Victoria Falls, heading to Chobe for time in the newly created Elephant Bunker before an Okavango Delta private mobile safari camp just for you in remote areas and a helicopter photographic safari with the doors off! From here, you'll head to Johannesburg for cultural and history experiences before venturing to the Sabi Sand where leopards are on the prowl and your finale is a marine safari, in search of Great White Shark breaching.

Mark Rayner

Mark Rayner, Trekabout - Africa photographic safaris

Trekabout Co-Director and professional photographer, Mark has already experienced his first Africa photographic safari (Southern Africa) with us in May 2014 and it was such a success, we're planning two more, one in Southern Africa again and the second in East Africa.

More on Trekabout.

Michael Snedic

Michael Snedic, Trekabout - Africa Photographic Safaris

One of Australia’s most accomplished wildlife and nature photographers and Co-Director of Trekabout, Michael has become addicted to Africa and is excited about returning for the next trip.

Maybe it's Michael (or Mark) who is the goodluck charm as the last safari was so successful in terms of wildlife sightings, most of the participants are booking again!


Devon Macrae

Devon Macrae Photographic Safaris Africa

Born in Zimbabwe, Devon's passion for photography lies in Africa where he works with us to capture the wildlife, culture and essence of Africa. Devon travels back to Africa each year allowing him to experience the beauty of the continent, from time with locals to exploring vast landscapes and trekking for wildlife encounters.

We soon hope to launch a series of workshops and safari tours with Devon.



Africa Photographic Safari Partners

Letaka Safaris

James Gifford

Letaka Safaris, Photographic safari Botswana with James Gifford

Botswana Photographic Workshop Safari with James Gifford
Whether you are a keen beginner or an experienced photographer, this safari offers window seat views, workshops and a focus on learning how to get the most out of your camera in order to capture the perfect show.

James’ love for photography blossomed in Botswana's wilderness where awesome light and endless wildlife encounters provided ample opportunity to hone his skills.   James has been a writer and photographer for years with work published in CNN Traveller, Africa Geographic, Travel Africa and the Eureka supplement to the UK's Times newspaper. His first book: "Wildlife Photography in Botswana: A Practical Guide", co- authored with Steven Stockhall, was published a few years ago. 


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