No beginning or end to wildebeest journey

Life for a wildebeest is an endless pilgrimage, a constant search for food and water.  The only beginning is the moment of birth. An estimated 40000 wildebeest calves are born during a four week period each year between late January and mid March when optimum grazing is available on the short grass plains at the base of the Gol Mountains.

From here, the highly complex natural phenomenon of the Great Migration continues, with over two million herbivores moving and grazing across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystems creating the greatest wildlife spectacle in the world. Amongst the wildebeest you'll find large numbers of zebra and smaller numbers of gran's gazelle, thompson's gazelle, eland and impala.

The migration path varies from year to year depending on weather and other environmental factors that impact upon the quality and availability of grazing land and water.

The wildebeest migration can be seen in Kenya's Masai Mara or Tanzania's Serengeti at different times of the year.

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