Awaken in the wild

Africa offers travellers the opportunity to escape their daily reality and find balance between adventure and calm, the physical and spiritual. This mysterious continent is founded on a never-ending journey of depth and life and our Body & Soul Safaris are about focusing on your need to relax, rejuvenate and heal whilst experiencing a truly authentic Africa safari.

Imagine heading out for a morning walking safari in the wilds of Africa before returning to camp for a healthy brunch followed by time out in the afternoon for a treatment, yoga session, meditation or massage.

Each itinerary is tailormade to your specific needs and interests, always ensuring the evocative rhythm of Africa’s wilderness and wildlife are the backdrops to the ancient healing arts.The good news is that spas in Africa boast a number of therapeutic benefits for men and women. It's not about coming away looking beautiful, you come home feeling healthier and enriched.

Choose a Body and Soul Safari so you can connect with your loved ones through this shared sensory experience in Africa's most beautiful and remote locations.

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