Precious primate territory

This small national park is famous for its variety of primates including chimpanzees. Kibale covers an area of just 795 kilometres and is known to host one of Uganda’s most gorgeous tropical forests. Wilderness this remote and stunning of course boasts an impressive array of birdlife including a variety of rare and sought after birds such as the African and green breasted pitta and African Gray Parrot.

For the adventurous, there’s a 12 kilometre forest hike best done in dry season, allowing hikers discover the park’s assorted habitats including river line forest, swamp, grassland and tropical rainforest. The highlight is of course Chimpanzee trekking.   This is a lifetime experience that allows you to embark on a half day adventure (duration is dependent on location of chimps) into the forest to see chimpanzees in the wild, plus black and white colobus, red tailed monkey and grey cheeked mangabey.

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