Mosi o tunya - the smoke that thunders

Victoria Falls is more than one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It is a geographic and physical border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The view from the Zambian side is not as spectacular as Zimbabwe, perhaps because you cannot see infamous Devil’s Cataract racing through the gorge; the entire width of the world’s most spectacular waterfall and the most rainbows dancing over the rapids. Yet it still provides an awe-inspiring opportunity to witness this natural spectacle.

On the Zambian side of Victoria Falls is the town of Livingstone. Livingstone has a colonial character and easygoing African charm making it an interesting place to visit and stay. New hotels line the river banks and guest houses abound the town. It has much more of an African feel to it than the modern town of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side: goats roam the dusty streets, and colourful African markets and curio sellers are found amongst the faded colonial architecture.

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