Rugged, remote and rare African gem

Absolutely breathtaking, Ruaha is Tanzania's second largest national park, covering 10,300 square kilometres. There are just a handful of safari camps here, so the dramatic scenery of rolling hills, open plains, baobabs and Great Ruaha River are yours to explore with nobody else in sight!

The prolific game reflects its diverse landscapes and Ruaha boasts the largest elephant population of any Tanzanian national park.  You can also expect prolific predators that thrive on abundant plains game such as buffalo, zebra, waterbuck, impala and kudu. The Lion prides are often impressively large and you'll spot them lazing on the sandy riverbeds. Cheetah are well represented here as are leopard. Wild dog and spotted hyena can be spotted too.

This is a birdlovers safari paradise with over 520 species from goliath herons, saddle billed storks to six different species of vultures and hornbills. Best time for birdwatching in Africa holidays is November to March when migrant birds swell the numbers, immigrating from the Sahara Desert (sooty falcon) and Mediterranean (rare Eleonora's falcon).

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