Chimpanzees & forgotten paradise

This is one of the most scenically beautiful and rarely visited dramatic parks where few people ever venture.  Those that do are rewarded with the opportunity of coming face to face with the intriguing and oh-so human chimpanzees.

Gombe Stream

This is Tanzania’s smallest national park tucked away on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.  Famous for its primates, visitors are also rewarded with white sandy beaches and a stunning blue lake with thick forest and mountains of the Rift escarpment behind. Only accessible by boat, it really is an adventure to experience one of the most exhilarating animal encounters.

Mahale Mountains

And then there’s Mahale Mountains National Park, the dramatically beautiful wilderness with crystal clear streams, soaring forested mountains and deserted white sandy beaches. Mount Nkungwe dominates the landscape and is home to more than 700 chimpanzees. This is for adventurers and primate enthusiasts. There are no 4x4 game drives, everything is on foot. So this isn’t big five wilderness, instead it is where you’ll meet your match, the closest species to humankind.

Katavi National Park

Located in the southwestern region of Tanzania, just over the mountains from Lake Tanganyika, and although buffalo mass in herds of thousands and hippo and crocodiles fill the rivers, hardly anyone makes the long journey to visit. The rewards for those who do are exceptional, for this is Africa of fifty years ago and the game and park bear very little sign of human habituation.

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