Landscape photographer's delight

The sheer scale of The Namib-Naukluft National Park and its desert formations is truly remarkable.  Sossusvlei is the most accessible area, where the world’s highest star-shaped desert sand dunes rise dramatically 1,000 feet above the ethereal vleis below. They sprawl like massive pieces of abstract sculptures and continually shift in colours from yellow-gold and ochre to rose, purple and deep red that grow paler or darker according to the time of day. Watching the changing mood and colours at sunrise and sunset is one of Namibia’s highlights, as is climbing them.

This area, renowned for its beauty, isolation, tranquillity, romantic desert landscapes and rare desert-adapted plants and creatures, should not be missed. Just south of Sossusvlei is the NamibRand Nature Reserve one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves and is home to the Wolwedans collection of lodges and camps. The location is synonymous with some of Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes.

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