Beautiful beaches and bays

Mozambique's distinct local style consists of a vibrant blend of African, Arab and Portugese influences and its coastline provides a refreshing break after an African Safari holiday. The passion for life can be seen on the faces of coastal locals who appreciate the beauty of Mozambique. The coastline boasts bustling and colourful markets and small fishing villages.  Northern Mozambique holds unforgettable experiences and sights for those travellers yearning to escape the beaten tourist track.  Exotic coastal destinations will see you exploring forgotten historical settlements, magnificent stretches of coastline, the harbour of Pemba and the marine rich Indian Ocean. Diving is popular off the coast and in particular, swimming with whale sharks and dolphins. Our favourite new addition to this region is White Pearl Resorts (image in banner above). As a visitor on holiday in Mozambique's coastline, you will be warmly welcomed with open arms as a guest and leave as a friend.

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