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Majete is one of Malawi's largest protected areas and covers 70,000 ha. The landscapes are dominated by Miombo and Brachystegia woodland and riparian forests in the East.  It is one of the outstanding success stories of African conservation.  Since 2003, the African Parks Network and the Malawi government have turned it into a model of sustainable development and biodiversity.

The reserve is made up of mature miombo woodlands and granite topped hills that contrast with picturesque river valleys and lush riverine forest.  The Shire River meanders its way through and offers wonderful wildlife habitats. A visit to Majete is not complete without experiencing a game drive, boating safari, bush walk and hike up Majete Hill. 

The reintroduction of more than 3,000 animals from other areas of Malawi and neighbouring countries began in 2003 and included black rhino, elephant, buffalo, eland, kudu, zebra, warthog, sable, waterbuck, impala and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest. In 2006, a total of 70 elephants were imported from Liwonde National Park. Two years later their numbers had grown to 82, and further introductions increased the elephant population to 144.

The critically endangered black rhino was introduced at about the same time, with scouts monitoring their progress on a daily basis. In July 2008 the first rhino calf was born and further successful births have brought the total number to nine, second in Malawi only to Liwonde National Park.

After these considerable efforts, the game experience here is superb and your stay in the reserve will be filled with exciting game drives viewing a wonderful diverse amount of species.

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