Africa's greatest secret

While Malawi is not as well known for big game as other African countries, Liwonde is brimming with wildlife that literally sits at your doorstep making this national park the most popular in the country.  It is a must see attraction for anyone wishing to make the most of their time on safari in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. The park was proclaimed in 1973 after Chief Liwonde championed for its recognition as an area of importance for Malawian wildlife heritage.  The landscapes are as diverse as its inhabitants, with dry Mopani woodlands covering the eastern half of the park interspersed with Candelabra trees. Areas of Miombo woodland can be found on a few hill slopes in the south and east, while Palm Savannah and Baobabs (one of Africa’s most well known and beloved trees) are found on the extensive floodplains of the river, which have a more tropical feel due to the dense vegetation along the river banks. During the rainy season this lush vegetation set against dramatic stormy skies make Liwonde National Park a photographer’s dream, and it’s not hard to understand how Liwonde has acquired such diversity in animal and bird life through conservation and restoration.

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