A city full of soul  

It's true, Johannesburg is the heartbeat of South Africa, one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities with an interesting melting-pot of race and culture.

Its lively streets reflect the diversity of people populating the city – Europeans, Americans and Australians flocked here to seek their fortunes during the gold rush of the late 19th century. As the city expanded from a fledgling town to a beating heart of prosperity, traders and entrepreneurs from India, China, Japan and Eastern Europe also laid down their roots. In recent years, West, East and Central Africans have made their home here, adding their own distinct stamp to the city’s profile. The result is a city that mirrors the fantastic cultural mix of its inhabitants, who have managed to retain their personal identities as well as merge into a unified and unique whole.

Easily laying claim to the title of cultural capital of South Africa, the city that truly has it all boasts a variety of impressive options for the visitor: exciting nightclubs for every taste, theatres – including the world-famous Market Theatre in Newtown – and music venues such as the legendary Kippies, where one can jive to the rhythms of jazz maestros. Brimming with quaint and delightful flea and craft markets from Rosebank Rooftop to vast Bruma Lake, the array of uniquely South African creations on offer in the city is endless. For cosmopolitan cuisine, visit 44 Stanley Street, the high street of Parkhurst or Sandton.

A visit to Johannesburg would not be complete with out a tour around Soweto and a visit to the famous Apartheid Museum.

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