Outstandingly beautiful

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta system in the world threaded by a myriad of water channels and islands that act as an irresistible magnet to some of the most prolific game in Africa. It’s made up of multiple private game reserves and national parks with no fences allowing wildlife to roam and migrate freely.

Moremi Game Reserve was the first wildlife sanctuary in southern Africa to be set aside voluntarily by an African community on their own land back in 1963 by the wife of the late Batawana chief, Moremi III. Today it covers some 5000 square kilometres of beautiful delta ecosystem including Chief’s Island.

With a focus on conservation, safari experiences in Botswana are second to none, allowing you to view one of the richest eco-systems in the world.  In Botswana, you can explore the untouched wilderness in multiple ways: you can pole through this watery wonderland in mokoros, or you may prefer traditional 4x4 game drives, the walk is well worth it here so we highly recommend walking safaris. For experienced riders, this is one of the ultimate horseriding safari destinations in Africa.

Whatever the mode of transport, a safari in the Delta is undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime.

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