Jonathon in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Jonathon Wilson, Managing Director

(Australia office, Brisbane & Johannesburg office)

Being African I always had a passion to explore my own continent and after a childhood of many exciting safaris I set out and explored the length and breadth of Africa by guiding in numerous countries from South Africa to Rwanda, travelling all through North Africa and working in London for an African safari specialist, constantly going on safari exploring new destinations and returning to old favourites. Sharing this incredible continent with you, bringing to life childhood dreams of Africa at the same levels of intensity and authenticity that I grew up on is what I'm passionate about. If I only had one day left on Earth I would spend it on safari in Africa, somewhere remote where I truly felt free.   

Bronwen Dearham, East Africa Safari Specialist

(Johannesburg office)

I was born and raised in South Africa and as a child, we spent many a holiday in the Kruger Park. I believe it's these early childhood experiences and memories that inspired me later in life to pursue a career in travel. Even after 15 years working in the industry and travelling Southern and East Africa extensively, there is so much more I'm yet to explore. My fondest memories and experiences have been in East Africa which is now my specialty. Some of these include camping under the stars in Kenya's Samburu, walking in Tanzania's Serengeti and Selous and snorkelling in Mafia Island's warm waters off Zanzibar. I love sharing my experiences and using this knowledge and passion to help plan exciting trips to Africa. Whether it is a first or return visit to Africa, there are always new places to discover!

Bushmans Kloof South Africa
Danica Wilson, Africa Safari Specialist

(Australia office, Brisbane)

I've been exploring Africa for 12 years now and continually find new destinations off the beaten track which is my preferred style of travel. Over the years, I've built strong relationships with multiple camp owners all over the continent and as a result, we get exceptional personal service and great rates which allow us to offer unbeatable client experiences that receive rave reviews (and repeat visits!). My specialties (and favourite trips to plan) are family & honeymoon safaris, small group travel and luxury holidays to Africa. My highlight, gorilla trekking in Rwanda. I've travelled throughout Africa from south to East and north and will continue doing so forever I think!

Gail Hughes, Africa Safari Specialist

(Australia office, Brisbane)

Africa is in my blood and always will be with Zimbabwe my birthplace and South Africa my home for many years.  Ten years ago I moved to Australia and have been working in the African travel industry ever since.  My specialty is Indian Ocean Islands & Southern Africa. My favourite Mauritius hotel is Paradis Hotel & Golf Club in the Le Morne area for its stunning views, great service, excellent beach and fantastic food. My safari highlights have been experienced at the beautiful Little Vumbura, located in Botswana's Delta region and the uber luxurious Faru Faru, in the Serengeti, Tanzania. Next on my list is the gorillas and exploring the forests of Uganda.

Laura on location at the majestic Victoria Falls
Laura Macrae, Client Services

(Australia office, Brisbane)

My love for Africa began when I married my Zimbabwean husband, luckily for him I didn’t just marry because he claimed to be a millionaire as I soon found out he meant Zim dollars! After going on what was meant to be a one-off trip to Southern Africa, my heart grew immensely for the continent.  I couldn’t wait to be back to see the stunning landscapes, meet the people, watch magnificent creatures roam across the plains and to immerse myself in the cultures.  I have now travelled through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya & Tanzania and counting down the days until I will be back.  There is always something new and exciting, I won’t be content until I have seen it all.

Devon Macrae,  Photographer

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and as a child, we visited Lake Kariba and stayed on houseboats, explored Hwange and Victoria Falls plus roadtrips through Botswana. In 2005 the family made the decision to move to Australia. My heart is in Africa and luckily my wife too is addicted to its natural beauty.  My passion for photography came when I had so many magical moments with family and loved ones in Africa. From Walking the rural paths of Africa, meeting the people, seeing their homestead, appreciating life, sitting on the kopje with the vast plains of the Serengeti rolling in front of me to those African sunsets in savannahs or with decrepit Dhow boats sailing along the Zanzibar coastline. When I am not in Africa working with Encompass Africa, I continue to explore the art of photography in everything I do, my surrounds, the places I go, the people I see. I invite you to to view the world through my lens [Click]

Sam McCormick, Tech & Logistics

(Australia office, Brisbane)

Systems and software are my bag. With a background in the performing arts, entertainment and event management, a lifelong fascination with all things geek has eclipsed my earlier interests. I must say as a result of daily exposure and time spent with such a passionate team of Africa specialists, I fear I may be coming down with the Africa bug too :-) I am certainly looking forward to the day my wife and I can take our beautiful daughter (now 4) on an authentic Encompass Africa safari in the vast continent of Africa.  For now, it's website and database building for me!