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Many of our guests return to Africa, many in turn refer their friends and family and many are referred to us by our favourite camps and lodges in Africa. The trust in us to create incredible journeys to Africa for their families, friends and guests is what Encompass Africa is all about. The personal relationships, passion and expertise we have to create inspiring journeys to Africa at the same levels of intensity and authenticity that we ourselves grew up on, experienced and which inspired us to set up this family company of ours is what makes Encompass Africa different. There is more to it than that of course, so based on feedback from our guests, here are some great reasons why people choose to journey to Africa with Encompass Africa.



With over 50 years of combined Africa travel experience, our knowledge of this vast and magical continent runds deep and spans north to south, east to west. With expertise comes a commitment to personal service to ensure we work with our guests to create the perfect balance of experiences tailored to suit your precise needs. What that means is no two journeys are the same, so we start creating every holiday from a 'blank page', listening to what you're interested in, discussing options and presenting full colour, stunning itineraries with great detail so you can see the effortless safari experience that awaits you. So if you want to travel off the beaten track, it pays to have a reliable guide and Encompass Africa is exactly that.


We know how precious time and money are and so it's important that we get you the best experience at a great price.  We work with you to plan your holiday based on your available time and budget and utilise our knowledge and expertise.

Africa offers something for everyone at all times of the year and at all budget levels, so it's worth working with the Africa travel specialists to guarantee you maximise what's available. What looks great in a brochure may not be all it's cracked up to be. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for… this is always true with travel anywhere in the world.

We believe to be a true expert of Africa travel, it takes real commitment because it is constant learning. Africa is vast, complex, continually in a state of flux and rewarding for those who take the time to explore her beauty, her people, cultures and landscapes.


As true African safari specialists we know what works and what doesn't because we've experienced it first hand. Understanding the complex logistics and arranging sophisticated itineraries that run like clockwork on the ground in Africa is what really matters. It takes time to put everything together and we love it when our guests actively engage in the planning stage. You will reap the rewards of working with Encompass Africa as you relish a seamless and effortless journey to and experience in Africa that works.


No matter how far off the beaten track you go, we guarantee a hassle free and safe experience in Africa and you are never alone as our team in Australia and Africa are available 24/7.   You'll receive an extensive contact list in your luxury travel pack that outlines the emergency telephone numbers of every accommodation, camp, guide and airline you have in your itinerary plus direct access to our Johannesburg and Brisbane offices.

Your money is also safe with Encompass Africa as we are a fully registered, licensed Travel Agent. That means financial protection for all monies paid, so your holiday of a lifetime is secure when booked with Encompass Africa.


Encompass Africa offers the complete travel service and we are a registered flights specialist so ask us for an obligation free land and air travel quote.   We recommend you book all of your arrangements through one company because if there are any issues or delays with flights, the onward arrangements can also be sorted with little worry or hassle required.